Acorn 8 bit ROMs

Acorn 8 bit Information

Acorn 8 bit computers laid the first brick in the development of the ARM processors that nowadays are used in most of the smartphones running Android. The 1980’s were a time of emergence and meteoric rise of such class of computers as “home computers”. Despite the name, they were not intended for home use only. They were bought in large quantities for use in offices, schools, etc. The first model was launched in the end of 1981, while production of the latest version was completed in 1994. Acorn 8-bit, also known as BBC Micro couldn’t compete with Apple, which was gaining popularity and eliminating its main competitors.

Nowadays, you don’t need to buy retro Acorn 8-bit computer, you can simply download free Acorn 8 bit emulator, which will create a virtual platform on your pc or android device. For educational purposes or for entertainment you can show your kids what games we had back in 90’s by downloading Acorn roms games for Acorn emulator.

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