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Amiga 500 Information

Amiga 500, also known as A500 – a computer, released in 1987 by Commodore and operated by Amiga Operating System. Amiga 500 model was aimed for home use and costed much less than other representatives this class of computers. Amiga 500 model became the best-selling and quickly overgrown with a huge number of fans, earning the status of iconic computer. The computer had 512Kb of operating memory, Motorola 6800 processor with 7MHz frequency. Built-in 880 KB 3.5” drive. Version Kickstart 1.2 or 1.3. With the addition of another 512 kb provides to the computer so-called “slow” memory. Also, it was possible to add 8 Mb of fast memory, with which the processor would work at maximum speed.

In many ways computer games such as Golden Axe, Sonic Boom, Defender of the Crown, Speedball 2, Turrican II and others contributed to the great popularity of Amiga 500. In total for the Amiga 500 were released more than 3,000 games. And in the early nineties, a new trend: as it was difficult to copy the games at that time, it was actively used sharing methods. And given the fact that the requirements of such products to the performance gradually grew, it was a good platform for further development of the Amiga.

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