Amstrad GX4000 ROMs

Amstrad GX4000 Information

Amstrad GX4000 is an-8-bit gaming console representative of the third generation, which was released by Amstrad. The console was built on the basis of a home computer CPC 6128+ of the same company as the console itself. Unfortunately, it can’t boast with the much success. Coming out in 1990, it was able to stay afloat for only two years. In 1992, the sales have been stopped. Critics often spoke of Amstrad GX4000 as the most unsuccessful or one of the failures of game consoles. Why did it happen? The main reasons are small number of games and obsolete 8-bit system, while at that time 16-bit consoles came to replace them. Game developers didn’t want to create games for the vague prospects of Amstrad GX4000. According to rough estimates it was released about 35 games, which, of course, affected the popularity of the console itself.

Most of the Amstrad GX4000 games have been ported from other gaming consoles. The starting price of the console was 99 pounds, but after a couple of months the price has decreased. In July 1991, it was easy to find deals for 29,99 pounds. Many reviews noted the high technical level of the console. In addition to the number of colors, it has advanced sound capabilities (3-channel sound), sprites and scrolling (hardware). The maximum resolution was 640x200 pixels.

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