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Apple II GS Information

Apple II GS – the most powerful computer of the line, also known as “Apple IIGS”. In the development of the main board of Apple II GS was involved Steve Wozniak. He insisted that it should be as simple as possible, therefore he objected to the previously proposed use of the coprocessor. In addition, he wanted to held an 8-bit part of the machine separately from 16-bit. Anyway, Apple II GS is not just famous because it was the most powerful at that time, but also because of the best sellers games such as: Championship Basketball - Two-On-Two, Strip Poker II and many others. A long time have passed since the release of Apple II GS and it is very hard to find cheap and working machine, but fortunately we have a lot of people with advanced IT knowledge who were able to create Apple II GS emulator and port games to ROMs. On this page you are able to download everything that you need to play Apple II GS roms games. Free download of emulator and cool rom games, exclusively on RomsMania!