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Astrocade is a computer system and game console (hybrid), developed by the Midway, which is the gaming division of Bally Technologies. It had been on the market for a very short time, but still remembered for its powerful graphics capabilities and how hard it was to get it. Difficulties which were faced by Bally Technologies Company forced them to leave the market of the game industry, despite the fact that it was not even brought to an end. The Company has sold the manufacture rights of the console to Astrovision in 1981, which in 1983 was also forced to cease the production due to the crisis in gaming industry in North America. At the time when the console was available for purchase via mail delivery, it was called Bally Home Library Computer. In stores this console was known under the name Bally Professional Arcade. After buying the manufacturing rights in 1981, it received a new name – Bally Computer System. And from 1982 till the end of production and sales, it was known as Bally Astrocade.

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