ColecoVision ADAM ROMs

ColecoVision ADAM Information

ColecoVision ADAM is the third expansion (also known as Expansion Module Nº 3) of the famous ColecoVision console. Thankfully to the previous experience with the ColecoVision console, ADAM was turned into a full-fledged computer. The kit consisted of a keyboard and a storage device which was using tapes. In addition, the company also proposed other expansion modules. It was possible to use a roller controller and a special boxing gloves which had embedded joystick and buttons.

Only during Christmas, the company has sold half a million of consoles. At the beginning of 1983, the number of units sold reached one million. However, very soon the crisis in video game market have begun. In 1984, the release of consoles has stopped. In such a short lifetime of a console, the company managed to sell more than 6 million devices. Among the most popular games you can find Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Ladybug, Carnival, Smurf and others. To play those and many other games you just need to download ColecoVision ADAM emulator and download roms games for free from this page.