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Fairchild Channel F Information

Fairchild Channel F was the first in the world console, using cartridges with built-in programs, and is the second in the world using replaceable cartridges with games. Release and the development of the console was carried out by Fairchild Semiconductor in November 1976. Its first name was the Video Entertainment System, and the retail price was about $170 (nowadays, this amount is equivalent to about $700). Subsequently, the name had to be changed to the Fairchild Channel F console after the release of the Atari VCS. In total, Fairchild has sold about 250 thousand Channel F consoles.

After the release, Fairchild Channel F was successful, but a small number of cartridges (a total of 27, also known as Videocarts) created conditions to reduce its popularity. Price for the cartridge was usually about $20. The console had two built-in games – Hockey and Pong. The sound was coming from console itself due to the built-in speakers and not from the TV. Also, four buttons and a reset button, which also was used to turn on and off the console, were located on the console. After a short time, in 1979, Zircon International Inc. bought rights of the console development and released a new console called the Channel F System II.

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