Game Gear(GG) ROMs

Sega Game Gear / GG Information

Probably the last of the famous representatives of colored portable consoles of the fourth generation is the first console developed and released by Sega, called Game Gear. Externally Sega Game Gear is a rectangle device with a length prevailing over the height (horizontal layout). In the center it has 3,2 inches LCD display, on the left side – D-pad, on the right side – three buttons – 1, 2 and start. Game Gear housing was created rounded for easy holding in hands.

Sega Game Gear development began in the 1989s and the main goal was the same as the competitors’ – to eclipse the Game Boy console. In order to not reinvent the wheel, the developers took as a basis processor from Sega Master System, which gave at least two advantages – the technology was tested and known, which excluded many mistakes and the game could reissue a new portable console without much financial investments. In addition, SMS is technically superior to Game Boy. As a result, the console known during the development phase as the Project Mercury went on sales in Japan in October 1990, a month earlier than NEC TurboExpress.

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