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Intellivision, also known as Mattel Electronics Intellivision is a gaming console of the second generation which was released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics. The name of the console is formed by two words: “intelligent” and “television” and therefore it means “intelligent TV”. This is the first game console, which was based on 16-bit processor. It is worth to mention that it has been sold more than three million Intellivision consoles around the world and about 125 games were released especially for this device.

In 2009, in the list of the best consoles of all times in the game industry, according to IGN site, Intellivision has occupied 14th place. Until 2006, it was the only console developed by the Mattel Electronics. Intellivision was presented in 1979 and later in 1980 went to the market at the price of 299 dollars. At that time, it had a high enough potential, had advanced graphics, games with good gameplay and storylines, among which were mostly sports games, as well as the keyboard, which makes it almost a full-fledged computer. In 1982 the company introduced the device that allowed to provide a voice support for some games. Despite the fact that Intellivision was sold quite well, in 1983 the company stopped its production due to the low interest and demand. Although, the Intellivision still has unique and interesting games that should be played by true gamers. You don’t need to buy the console and the games for it, simply download roms games for Intellivision from here and play them on your smartphone with Android, iOS or computer.