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Interact Family Computer Information

Interact Family Computer didn’t last long on the gaming industry market in USA. The reason for that is the bankruptcy of the Interact Co., just after the release of the Interact Family Computer. Only about few thousands of devices were produced. Most of them were sold by MicroVideo company, also Protecto Enterprizes has invested lots of money into advertising for years to sell Interact Family Computers, but failed miserably.

The Family Computer by Interact included in the package 2 joysticks, a built-in tape recorder, 2KB of ROM memory and a TV RF modulator. If you wanted to load anything, even BASIC, you had to use a tape recorder. The tape recorder was a bit strange – it has an erase head, but it couldn’t be used for some reasons, so you had to use the regular cassette recorder to erase the tape before being reused. Another strange thing was a position of the key “1” – it was on the far right side of the keyboard after the key “0”. Thus, the numbers keys were starting from 2 and finishing by 1.

As was mentioned before, MicroVideo had invested lots of money into advertising and also was supporting the Family Computer for two years, from 1979 to 1980. They made lots of changes by expanding some hardware, replacing BASIC language with a Microsoft 8k graphic version and more, however these didn’t help the Family Computer to stay afloat on the market. In late 80s the Interact Family Computer has disappeared from the market.

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