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Perfect Writer - Lessons (198x)(Perfect Software) 3.5/5 1,446

Kaypro II Information

Kaypro II is a portable home computer that was presented to public in August 1982. The name might be misleading, because it is actually the first model of the computer developed by the Non-Linear Systems, Inc. (owned by Andrew F. Kay), later renamed to Kaypro Corporation. Although, Kaypro II weights more than 10 kilograms, it was positioned as a portable system. Ability to work in the field has been confirmed during the Paris-Dakar rally in 1984, at which the organizers used ten Kaypro II computers. It was also a very good advertisement for the Kaypro II computer.

Technical specifications of Kaypro II are very similar to the Osborne 1 system, released by Adam Osborne, and HP-85 by Hewlett-Packard. Yet, having the similar capacities as Osborne 1, Kaypro II is almost twice as light as Osborne 1. The weight of the device is very important on the market of portable computers, also Kaypro II was much recent than HP-85 (was released two years after HP-85).

Kaypro II was equipped with a Zilog Z80 processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 MHz, 64 KB of RAM and 2 KB of ROM memory. The built-in display has 9-inches size and has been able to work in text mode 80 x 24. Graphics mode support was not provided. The keyboard of this personal computer was fairly comfortable with the letters and number keys. For storage were used two 5,25” double density disks with a capacity of 190 KB. Kaypro II was running CP/M operating system and was worth, at that time, $1,795, which is not a small amount of money.

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