Luxor ABC 800 ROMs

Luxor ABC 800 Information

ABC 800 was released in 1981 by Luxor in Sweden and had initial price of 9800 SEK, which is now equal to $1157. Luxor ABC 800, also known as Facit DTC (DeskTop Computer) is a Swedish home computer, marketed by Facit from 1983. Facit DTC has slightly different design from the original ABC 800 by Luxor – darker case, however both of the models were equipped with the same hardware. Initially, Facit wanted to sell the DTC outside the country, but soon they began to sell it in Sweden, competing directly with Luxor ABC 800.

The Luxor ABC 800 computer has 32 KB of ROM and RAM memory, the keyboard is quite convenient and consisted of 77 keys, eight of which were special functions and the number keys were smaller. Built-in screen supported 8 colors and 40x24 or 80x24 text modes. Built-in speaker could provide user with mono sound. Luxor ABC 800 computer had 2 RS-232 ports and one for screen. As for storage it was using a tape recorder and optionally could be equipped with a 5” ¼ drive.

Although, Luxor ABC 800 was mainly used for work, yet there were released few games for it. Today, you can download Luxor ABC 800 roms games and play them on your PC, Smartphone or tablet. Download for free ABC 800 games such as: Bomb, Grotera, Adventure, Life, Landning and other.