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Mattel Aquarius Information

Aquarius is a home computer released by Mattel on sale in 1983. It was built based on the microprocessor Zilog Z80 with 4 KB of RAM, and a keyboard with rubber keys. Mattel Aquarius ROM contained a special version of Microsoft BASIC. A computer could be connected to a TV and used a tape recorder as a storage device. Also, a small amount of additional devices was released for Aquarius, such as the 40-character thermal printer, 4-color printer and a modem with a data rate of 300 bauds.

Aquarius was not developed by Mattel, its designer – was manufacturer of electronics called Radofin, located in Hong Kong. It was announced in 1982 and released in June 1983 at a price of 160 dollars. Due to poor sales Aquarius production was discontinued after four months. Mattel bought the rights for sale from Radofin. Two other long-existing companies – CEZAR Industries and CRIMAC Inc. – also were engaged in sales of Aquarius and its accessories.

Although Aquarius was cheaper than the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A and Commodore VIC-20, it had a worse graphics, audio capabilities and a limited amount of memory. Programmers from Mattel, called it a “system of the seventies”. Of the 32 programs, announced by Mattel, were released only 21. A majority of these programs were games ported from Mattel Intellivision. Due to the fact that the Intellivision had better graphics and sound capabilities, these games were better on it than on Aquarius.

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