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Memotech MTX512 Information

Mamotech MTX512 is a home computer released by Mamotech company in 1983 and 1984. Based on Zilog Z80A processor and similar architecture to the MSX computer standard, however, MTX512 are not compatible with MSX models. Mamotech MTX512 computers released in full aluminum body, had a full-size keyboard with “real” keys. In addition to the standard for that time built-in interpreter of BASIC language, it had additional interesting features such as: built-in assembler, predecessor of HyperCard called Noddy, support for great amount of hardware sprites, compared with other systems of that time. Also, computers supported ROM cartridges. The most popular of these was cartridge containing the ISO Pascal programming language, on which programs could run much faster than on integrated BASIC interpreter. A useful addition to any Mamotech computer was very expensive system FDX, which was adding the ability to work with two 5-inches floppy drives. Subsequently has been released HDX system that allowed to use hard drive and CP/M operating system. Despite the fact that a whole series of Mamotech MTX512 and other representatives of this series of computers has been well received by users, they have not received significant commercial success, which in 1985 led Mamotech company to the bankruptcy.

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