Miles Gordon Sam Coupe ROMs

Miles Gordon Sam Coupe Information

SAM Coupé is an 8-bit home computer, released in 1989 by British company Miles Gordon Technology (MGT). Therefore, this computer is also known as Miles Gordon Sam Coupe. The main feature of this computer was the ability to emulate ZX Spectrum 48, so Sam Coupe was positioned as an upgrade of ZX Spectrum 48. Miles Gordon Sam Coupe was based on Z80B microprocessor, which has a clock frequency of 6 MHz. Also, the computer has ASIC-chip, similar to the ULA of ZX Spectrum.

Base model of Sam Coupe has 256 KB of RAM on the board, which could be increased up to 512 KB. In addition, the memory could be stacked with additional blocks of 1 MB up to 4 blocks. As the main storage device was used a compact cassette. Also, could be installed up to two 3 ½ inches floppy drives. Philips SAA 1099 chip provided a six-channel stereo audio with a range of 8 octaves.

Lots of interesting and unique games were released for Miles Gordon Sam Coupe computer, however it’s quite hard to find the working Sam Coupe computer and original games. However, there is an easier solution that makes possible to play old games on the modern systems including Windows, Android and iOS. All you need is to download for free Sam Coupe roms games and emulator software and run it on your device.