Neo Geo Pocket ROMs

Neo Geo Pocket Information

Neo Geo Pocket is a handheld video game console released by the end of 1988 in Japan by SNK Playmore. Strange, but the console display was black and white (at such a late time). During its short life, for NGP were released decent games, among which we can note masterpieces: Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters R-1. Handheld console was exclusively released only in Japan and Hong Kong. Its short life was interrupted by the inheritor with color display called Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Neo Geo Pocket was the most successful handheld console in the United States since the Sega Game Gear, a large amount of advertising were shown on TV, but the success of the handheld console has been decimated by a small number of games produced by external developers and rumors about imminent release of Game Boy Advance. One of the unique features of the NGP has been the ability to select the language in games just like in BIOS, as well as calendar, clock with world time, alarm clock and horoscope. Also, two consoles could communicate with each other via link-cable to play together. Several games could even connect with the Sega Dreamcast via this cable. Under development was a wireless link adapter and a MP3 player, but none of it was released due to the closure of SNK.

Anyway, all of the Neo Geo Pocket games roms can now be played on modern computers and smartphone devices. You just need to download for free emulator and install it on your pc, android or ios.