Neo Geo Pocket Color ROMs

Neo Geo Pocket Color Information

Neo Geo Pocket Color, also known as NGPC is an upgrade of Neo Geo Pocket, that was released in 1999 by SNK Playmore, a year after the release of NGP, to compete with Game Boy Color. All of the black and white games that were released for NGP are completely compatible with NGPC console and vice versa. The screen of the Neo Geo Pocket Color has a diagonal of 2.6 inches, a resolution of 160x152 pixels and can display up to 146 simultaneous colors from a palette of 4096. Also the console doesn’t have lights. For 1999 it was a common thing – even released two years later Game Boy Advance have been deprived of the bright display. A sufficiently large diagonal and resolution make small pixels in Pocket Color large, grainy and very visible. Again, it was quite common at that time. The device doesn’t have any problem with the refresh rate of the display, no loops and stretching shadows of game characters couldn’t be found. There are homemade ways to attach an external backlight, and thus make it possible to play the Neo Geo Pocket Color under the blanket and when there is no electricity in the house.

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