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0886 - Mario Golf World Tour-EUR.3DS-CONTRAST 3.8/5 82,204

3DS Information

Nintendo 3DS is a handheld game console developed by Nintendo, which is capable to create three-dimensional effects of the image without the use of special glasses. The console went on sale in all regions before the end of the fiscal year of Nintendo, which ended at the end of March 2011. This gaming system still present on the market at the same time with other Nintendo DS gaming systems.

Nintendo 3DS went on sale in Japan on February 26, 2011. The cost of the console in Japan was ¥25000. In United States, the console appeared on March 27 at a cost of $249,99. In Europe, 3DS appeared on March 25 and was sold at the price of €249,99, in England - £230, in Australia – 350 Australian dollars. Since the Nintendo 3DS sales were not as high as expected by Nintendo, this led the company to some losses, so it was decided to reduce the price of Nintendo 3DS. Since August 12, 2011 the prices of the consoles were decreased by more than 40% in all regions. Would be unfair for those who have bought the console earlier, so the Nintendo created a campaign for those players who have purchased Nintendo 3DS and registered in NintendoClub until August 12, 2001. The campaign called Ambassador, allowed players to download 10 Nintendo 3DS games and 10 Gameboy Advance games.

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