RCA Studio II ROMs

RCA Studio II Information

RCA Studio II is a home gaming console announced in August 1976, by the company that was producing TVs and other electronics – RCA. In January 1977 the console was launched in the United States, and became the second video game console using programmable game cartridges (after the Fairchild Channel F and before the Atari 2600). The initial price was $149.95 per unit, and cartridges for it costed from $14.95 to $19.95. In the absence of cartridges, players could play built-in the system games such as: Doodle, Patterns, Bowling, Freeway and Addition.

RCA Studio II used COSMAC microprocessor developed by RCA (the one that is used in the space probes Voyager), on its performance and internal commands is close to the F8, installed in the Fairchild Channel F.