Sega 32x ROMs

Sega 32x Information

Sega 32x is a 32-bit peripheral device that supports the format of ROM cartridges, which was released in November 1994. Demand among retailers was high, and Sega was not able to maintain the level of orders. This, it has been more than 1 million orders for the Sega 32x device, but by January 1995, Sega has been able to release for sale only 600,000 units. The original price was approximately equal to the Sega Genesis console and a half less than that which was supposed to be installed on Saturn. Although Sega 32x was positioned as a cheap console, Sega experienced difficulties in trying to convince third-party developers to create games for the new system.

In early 1996, Sega nevertheless recognized that promised too much regarding 32x and decided to stop the production of the system and focus their efforts on Saturn. The price of Sega 32x fell to 99 dollars, and eventually, devices were removed from sales, when prices have fallen already to 19.95 dollars per unit.

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