Sega Master System(SMS) ROMs

Sega Master System / SMS Information

Sega Master System – is the third generation game console and one of the main achievements of the Sega Company. It was released in 1986 in Japan and a year later it appeared in United States and Europe. SMS managed to stay on the market until 1996 thanks to European customers. During this entire period, more than 10 years, console was sold in the amount of 13 million devices. At the time of its release the main competitor of the console was considered NES and maybe Sega could even get ahead, but it failed with the advertising campaign. Price of the SMS coincided with other similar consoles - $200. By the way, SMS had unprecedented success in Europe, as there are many companies have begun to support the system and helped Sega to open a real European market of the consoles. Another country that affected the success of the console was Brazil. There is an upgraded version of SMS 3 was sold in amount of 2 million thanks to the Tec Toy company. Actually, SMS 3 is still being produced in Brazil.

The most popular game released for the SMS, was Sonic the Hedgehog, which still appeals to many gamers. Other games, which are considered exclusive are ALF, Battle of Run and Astro Warrior. There was also a built-in secret game, which has been available without a cartridge by pressing the keys D, 1, 2. The game was simple, but fascinating and it has become one of the advantages of SMS console. Although you can buy the console in Brazil, you will have difficulties to find working cartridges for reasonable price. Therefore, we suggest you to download emulator and play Sega Master System roms games for free on your computer. Afterwards you might decide to buy the actual iconic console or not.