Sega Super Control Station ROMs

Sega Super Control Station Information

Sega Super Control Station, also known as SF-7000 is an expansion module developed in Japan, for SC-3000, adding a standard drive for 3-inch disks with maximum capacity of 160 KB, parallel port Centronics and 16 KB of RAM. However, its price was too big even for Japan - $830. Today, Super Control Station SF-7000 is a very rare device, because it was too expensive and only few owned it. Basically SF-7000 could transform a SC-3000 console into a full-fledged computer.

Super Control Station SF-7000 could turn SC-3000 into very competitive device for that era, although Serial and Parallel ports are still present in modern personal computers, so in theory you can still connect SC-3000 console to the PC with the help of SF-7000 module. Fortunately, you don’t need to do perform such manipulation, because a while ago some bright minds managed to create Super Control Station emulator which can be launched on any modern computer, tablet or smartphone with android or ios. All of the software, including Super Control Station games were ported into roms. Download for free SF-7000 roms games and play them with your friends.