Tiger Game Com ROMs

Tiger Game Com

Tiger Game Com or Game.com is a full-fledged game console developed by Tiger Electronics in 1996. It was a commercial project, which is primarily specialized as a competitor to the popular at that time Game Boy from Nintendo and was designed for an older audience. In those days, the console showed a lot of new ideas – a touch screen, stylus and Internet. The official launch was scheduled for September 1997. Tiger Game Com has built-in bios menu, calendar and Solitaire game. Game.com could really beat the rival Game Boy with its LCD touch screen, built-in calendar, clock, calculator, address book, phone book, support for the Internet connection and a set of commercial exclusive games such as: Tiger Casino, Lights Out, Sonic Jam, Resident Evil 2, Duke Nukem and Mortal Kombat Trilogy. With all these features, the console should’ve been a worthy opponent to fight with the main rival Game Boy from Nintendo, however Game.com failed miserably for many reasons. Reason number one is marketing – offensive advertising from Tiger Electronics towards competitors led to the situation that the press didn’t spread any information about the console and only a few people knew about it, also a very small number of developers were interesting in this platform, which led to small amount of games that were released for Game Com. Additionally, the great disadvantage in Game.com was the lack of music in almost all games, there were only some sounds. Later, Tiger Electronics released an updated version of the Game.com Pocket Pro.

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