VTech CreatiVision ROMs

VTech CreatiVision Information

VTech CreatiVision is the game console of the second generation released in 1981 by VTech in Hong Kong. Actually CreatiVision was some kind of a hybrid between home computer and full-fledged game console something similar to the Intellivision game console and Coleco Adam computer. However, customers were aware that the word hybrid means that the device can’t compete with proper home computers or consoles.

CreatiVision is also known as Educat 2002, under this name it was distributed in Europe, Israel and South Africa. In Australia the device was released under the Dick Smith Wizzard name. During the development of CreatiVision, VTech released many clones with different names such as FunVision Computer Video Game System, Hanimex Rameses, VZ 2000 and others. All of the CreatiVision consoles required a TV for the output of the image and supported PAL standard, the only exception was the Japanese version of the console which supported NTSC.

VTech CreatiVision was built on 8-bit Rockwell 6502 CPU clocked at 2 MHz, 16 KB of VRAM and 1 KB of RAM. Console supported a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels with 16 colors and 32 sprites. The design of the console was quite interesting, it has two built-in joysticks that could be taken out to play games with friends or placed inside and would form a membrane keyboard, similar to ColecoVision or Atari 5200. As a storage device cassette tapes were used. Additional hardware could be connected to the console, including floppy disk drive, modem, Centronics printer, cartridges, parallel I/O devices, keyboard, etc. Unfortunately, VTech CreatiVision didn’t received a warm welcome from the public and the production was discontinued in early 1986s. However, today, most of the games have been ported to roms and are available for free download in the VTech CreatiVision roms games section.