Wang VS ROMs

Game title Rating Downloads
PAKMAN (19xx)(-) 4.5/5 1,616
TETRIS V1.1 (1990)(Schreurs, B.F.)[p] 5/5 1,481
PATIENCE (19xx)(-) 5/5 1,251

Wang VS Information

Wang VS is the computer series developed by Wang Laboratories. The first computer of the Want VS series was presented in 1978, almost at the same time as the DEC VAX computer and it was a kind of analogue of the IBM 360. The command system was compatible with IBMs system, however the software for 360 series couldn’t be executed on it. Operation system of VS and all the system software, have been created “from scratch” and it supported both interactive work with the user, as well as package file processing. VS series was primarily aimed one the market of data processing and partly on the market, occupied by IBM.

During 80s, narrowly specialized software written on COBOL, BASIC, PACE, RPG II, PL/I have been developed by third party companies specifically for Wang VS. On the computers of Wang VS series have also been popular software Wang OFFICE and text processor Wang WP. The last one could be launched using the service, which emulated OIS environment and loaded the appropriate software on VS workstation.

Wang Laboratories positioned the VS series as minicomputers, which was reflected in its marketing materials and press releases. Later models of the small series VS5000, launched about in 1988, could be assembled by users and by the dimensions could be comparable to personal computers of that time. Wang VS computers were used in research centers, banks and large companies. The Wang VS mainframe was equipped with terminals – workstations, complemented by graphics tablet with pen-input of the information and handset. Pen could be used to input text and the handset allowed to add voice comments to any file. Voice communication between terminals was not provided, the exchange of comments was carried out via internal e-mail Wang OFFICE. December 31, 2015 the support for Wang VS computers family has been dropped. Yet, you can always download emulator software and emulate Wang VS computer on your home pc. Also, you can download free Wang VS roms games to run them on emulator.