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Watara Supervision is a handheld game console released in 1992 by Taiwanese company Watara. This black and white portable console was produced as a rival for the King of the market – Game Boy, which had already firmly established on the gaming market. Initially, the console was priced at $50 and have been supplied with the game Crystball, which reminds the legendary Arkanoid game. The console has slightly larger screen 160x160 pixels against 160x140 used on GameBoy, bigger and therefore more convenient control buttons, cheaper games. But after four years (in 1996) the last game was released for the Watara Supervision and it goes into oblivion. The reasons for such rapid closure are same as in case of the Atari Lynx – a lack of advertising, lack of hyped games or game characters. During four years of existence of Watara Supervision it was released only about seventy games, and most of them were developed by Watara. In order to keep low cost of the console and somehow improve sales, Watara gave rights to produce their versions of consoles in different countries, which led to many different variations.

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