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WonderSwan Information

WonderSwan is a handheld gaming console released in March 4th, 1999 by Bandai and Gunpei Yokoi company – Koto. Here we must mention a truly tragic incident. Gunpei himself have died in a car accident in the 1997 and didn’t see his last creation in the final version. In his honor was named the first game for WonderSwan – Gunpei. Despite the fact that the console was originally black-and-white, it was created as a competitor to the existing at that time Neo Geo Pocket and Game Boy Color. Console has two amusing features – personal data input and the use of two joysticks. First, before using the console user had to put his personal details, which included name, data of birth, sex and blood type – after that user’s name would appear on the screen, under the Bandai logo. The second feature – users could play holding the console horizontally and vertically. Actually vertical position was used only in some games, but specially for this a second joystick was designed. In general, console went on sale and it was never released to the foreign market, it was a purely Japanese product for the citizens of Japan.

The initial price of consoles has been around $65, which was cheaper than the competitors’. Also, console developers had a powerful alliance with Square, who has promised, in particular, to release remakes of the first parts of Final Fantasy for WonderSwan. However, the black and white screen done its job – sales were low. Therefore, in December of 2000 Bandai releases WonderSwan Color. The new console has backward compatibility, so all the games from the first WonderSwan could be played on WonderSwan Color. In addition, it was released about 100 games purely for WonderSwan Color. Console itself has become a little bigger with larger LCD screen and the price was $59.

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