Arcade Volleyball

Arcade Volleyball
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Arcade Volleyball
COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
Rhett Anderson, Randy Thompson
44,188 times
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Arcade Volleyball is volleyball game originally written by Rhett Anderson. The game features teams of one or two players (depending on the platform) shaped like balls with legs who hit the volleyball with their heads. The game is played from a side-view perspective, and the ball can be bounced off of the walls and ceiling without penalty. Scoring is based on the original volleyball scoring rules, where only the serving team can score on each volley, and 15 points are required to win the game. The same head is permitted to hit the ball multiple times, but the team may only hit the ball three times while the ball is on their side.

Arcade Volleyball was originally published as a hexadecimal type-in program for MLX in the June 1988 edition of COMPUTE!'s Gazette. The article was written by Rhett Anderson and David Hensley, Jr., who had also published a similar game called Basketball Sam & Ed in the July 1987 issue. The game featured two heads per team, controlled by a single player, which moved and jumped together. It was not necessary to win the game by 2 points; when either side reached 15 points, the game would pause and ask if the user wanted to play again.

Rhett Anderson and Randy Thompson wrote an Amiga version of Arcade Volleyball from scratch. It was included as an executable program, with source code, on the cover disk of the Fall 1989 edition of Compute!'s Amiga Resource. The Amiga version differs from the Commodore 64 version by only having one player per team (a green head versus a red head), requires a 2 point margin of victory, it is no longer possible for the ball to go under the net, and playing against the computer is a standard option.

The Amiga version was ported to DOS and sold in a 9-game collection called COMPUTE!'s Best PC Games. Due to the popularity of the PC, and the game's availability on BBSes and shareware disks, this may be the best-known version. The DOS version was compiled with Borland Turbo C and has the same physics and gameplay as the Amiga version, but has inferior graphics and sound. It differs from the Amiga version by using 4-color CGA graphics and PC speaker sound, and represents scores less than 10 as a single digit.

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