Monster Bash: Part 1

Monster Bash: Part 1
Game title:
Monster Bash: Part 1
Apogee Software
Action, Platform
Frank Maddin, Gerald Lindsly, Amanda Dee, Jeff Dickens
Rob Wallace
130,475 times
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Monster Bash (called Graveyard during development) is a side-scrolling platform video game developed and published by Apogee Software on 9 April 1993 for MS-DOS PC. The game features 16-color EGA graphics and IMF AdLib compatible music. It was developed by Frank Maddin and Gerald Lindsly. The game is divided in three episodes. The first episode of the game is available to download under a shareware license, but the two remaining parts of the game must be purchased.

The registered game also removes advertisements and reminders of the benefits of purchasing the games from the first episode and enables cheat code functionality.

The original story can be accessed through the main menu of each episode. The player is informed as to the continuation of the story with dialogue and events that appear as scrollable messages on the screen. The player controls Johnny Dash, whose pet dog Tex was just dognapped by the game's main villain, Count Chuck. During a fearsome storm a friendly monster under his bed tells Johnny that many other pets have been taken as well, and that Count Chuck took them to his Underworld to transform them all into evil monsters. The 'bed monster' empowers Johnny with a bottomless pocket of rocks with which to arm his slingshot. Through a secret temporary portal in his closet that operates as a passageway, Johnny enters the Underworld, in order to defeat the Count's army and save the pets.

Episode one begins in a graveyard setting but later levels include cavern and haunted house themes. The first episode introduces a number of monsters who reappear in the later episodes such as zombies. Episode two takes place in Count Chuck's underground lair and begins in the cooking pot where Johnny Dash was transported following his battle with a Cyclops. The majority of the levels are set in a hellish environment where monsters include demons and giant eyeballs and later in laboratories. Again there is continuity between the last level of this episode and the first of Episode Three, which appears to be set in a place that has been extensively ravaged under the influence of Count Chuck. The first few levels follow a Halloween theme, swamps and finally more caverns, where Count Chuck is found.The next to the last level in Episode Three is fought across a starry sky using a broomstick and completing that level in a flying fortress.

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