Carmageddon 64

Carmageddon 64
Game title:
Carmageddon 64
Nintendo 64
Software Creations
Action, Racing
David Ratcliffe, Ben Gunstone, Steven J. Batiste
89,967 times
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Carmageddon 64 was a port of Carmageddon II, released for the Nintendo 64 video game console in 2000. It was developed by Software Creations, and due to be published by Interplay, but it was published instead by Titus Interactive after they bought Interplay. The game remained published by Sales Curve Interactive in Europe. The game featured opponents and levels from Carmageddon II, as well as one exclusive location (used as a tutorial) and one exclusive opponent.

The story was an expansion of the one touted in the zombie versions of Carmageddon. Here's the introduction text from the start of a new game:
'The catastrophic effects of 'Red Friday', June 6th 2026, caused by unnaturally high solar activity, resulted in the fatal toxification of the Earth's atmosphere and zombification of anyone exposed for too long.
The wise took refuge within the hastily constructed Climate Emulation Centers, from here they watched as the reamining population was ravaged by the toxic fumes. Although reasonably safe, for some life inside the domes was like a jail sentence. What started off as an isolated event in Old Detroit, where three individuals raced around a deserted indy-car circuit, grew to become a regular event staged in many great venues. Without prejudice, Carmageddon racers would collide with zombies who wandered onto the race route, resulting in the pulpification of the unfortunate undead. Inadvertently, they had stumbled on a fun solution to the zombie problem. The authorities were not slow to catch on... This event was to be known as The Carmageddon! The reward for these drivers? A new life in the sun drenched beaches on one of the off-world colonies. A life that only the ultra-rich could even dream about. For the drivers, the nature of the racing changed. As no one was marshalling these races, the events rapidly developed a new violent dimension. In this new climate of danger, the philosophy of all involved became as one: 'Drive to Survive.' '

In the German version, instead of people exposed to toxic fumes turning into zombies, any creature exposed for too long mutated into Dinosaur-like nightmares.

The same basic principles from Carmageddon II apply here. Players advance through the 10 groups by completing levels. Levels can be won by running through all the laps and checkpoints, wasting all the opponents, or killing all the zombies on a map. After completing three levels in a group, a fourth 'mission' level is unlocked; completing this mission unlocks the next group. Players are not limited to the current group, as they can play any previously unlocked levels.

There is only one level of difficulty, whereas the PC version had three.

Players earn Credits during races, which can be used to make instant repairs or recover the car. Armour, Power and Offense pickups are hidden in each race level.

If players waste an opponent during a level, after the level they are are taken to the Wrecks Gallery screen, where they can sell any wasted cars for scrap and earn Credits, or pay to repair them to add to their own garage. Players can own up to six cars at a time: They can sell any cars they own (except Max Damage) to free up slots.

The player can switch which car they drive between races.

There is one important and unique aspect in this game: Running into zombies damages the player's car. Approximately 2.5% damage per strike. If the player runs through large crowds of undead, they'll soon need to repair the vehicle.

How to play:

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