Super Metroid

Super Metroid
Game title:
Super Metroid
Intelligent Systems, Nintendo
Action, Shooter, Platform
Yoshio Sakamoto, Makoto Kano, Hirofumi Matsuoka
Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano
Game manual:
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Super Metroid is a 1994 action-adventure game published by Nintendo, developed by its R&D1 division, and programmed by Intelligent Systems for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The third game in the Metroid series, it was released in Japan on March 19, 1994. The gameplay of Super Metroid focuses on exploration, and its progression revolves around the search for power-ups that are used to reach previously inaccessible areas. Taking place after the events of Metroid II: Return of Samus and set on the planet Zebes, the story follows bounty hunter Samus Aran as she attempts to retrieve a stolen Metroid from the Space Pirates. Super Metroid received critical acclaim, and is considered by critics as one of the greatest video games of all time. Much of the praise on the game to its atmosphere, gameplay, audio, cinematic elements and graphics.

Super Metroid is an action-platform game which primarily takes place on the fictional planet Zebes, which is a large, open-ended world with areas connected by doors and elevators. The player controls Samus Aran as she searches the planet for a Metroid that was stolen by Ridley, the leader of the Space Pirates. Along the way, the player collects power-ups that enhance Samus' armor and weaponry, as well as grant her special abilities such as the Space Jump, which allows her to jump infinite times to cover great distances. These abilities allow Samus to access areas that were previously inaccessible.

The game introduces several new concepts to the series. Among them are the ability to enable and disable weapons and abilities in an inventory screen, and a Moon Walk ability, named after the popular dance move of the same name, which allows Samus to walk backwards while firing or charging her weapon. The game also features the ability to combine Samus' weapon beams. In addition, the save system from Metroid II: Return of Samus returns in Super Metroid, which allows the player to save and restart the game at any of the save points scattered around the planet. The player can also save the game at Samus' gunship, which fully recharges her health and ammunition as well. Super Metroid has three endings based on the time taken to complete the game, which determine whether Samus poses with or without her suit. The best ending is achieved when the game is completed under three hours.

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Click on the joystick icon in the Super Metroid online emulator to see how to control the Super Metroid game

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