Body Harvest

Body Harvest
Game title:
Body Harvest
Nintendo 64
DMA Design
Action, Adventure
John Whyte, Alan Davidson, Richard Ralfe
Stuart Ross, Allan Walker
Game manual:
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Body Harvest is an action-adventure video game for the Nintendo 64 video game console, developed by DMA Design. It was intended to be a Nintendo 64 launch title, but was delayed due to its original publisher, Nintendo, having issues with the game's violent themes, and eventual dropping of the title, leaving DMA to find a new publisher. It was eventually published by Midway Games and Gremlin Interactive in 1998.

In Body Harvest, players assume the role of a genetically engineered soldier, Adam Drake, who must investigate and eliminate an alien attack force that has been returning once every 25 years to 'harvest' the human population of Earth for their organic material. Being in possession of a time travel device, Drake must return to the past and do battle in five areas over a 100-year period that covers World War I-era Greece, Java in the 1940s, the United States in the 1960s, Siberia in the 1990s, and the near future (2016). The game is non-linear, as players can go anywhere and do anything within the limits of the game's boundaries.

The opening text tells of how an alien force has harvested the population of Earth over a 100-year time period. Every 25 years they would land and imprison whole areas in shields that prevented anyone from leaving and any outside help getting in. The aliens would harvest the population of the area within a time limit of one day before moving on to another area. After repeating this several times they would teleport back to their homeworld, an artificially created comet, before returning exactly 25 years later as it has completed its orbit around the nearby star systems back to earth. Greece was the first targeted area in 1916, southern Spain was second, eastern Canada was third, and the south island of Japan was fourth. In 1941 the first targeted area was Java. In 1966 it was the U.S. (presumably somewhere in the southwest in between Nevada and Arizona) and finally in 1991 it was Siberia. The player only has to stop the aliens in the first area that they target in order to save every future targeted area of that time period.

The opening cutscene shows Station Omega, an orbital space station containing Earth's last survivors. The year is 2016 and the aliens have returned to destroy the last remnant of the human race. The aliens attack and board Station Omega, chasing Adam Drake, the game's only playable character, through the corridors. Even though Adam defeats the initial invaders he is wounded in the process. He is ready to board Alpha I, the time traveling vehicle developed at Station Omega, when more aliens appear and try to force their way into the boarding chamber. The monitors show his colleague, Daisy Hernandez, telling Adam to get into the Alpha I without letting the aliens gain access to it. As the aliens force the door open, Adam dives through the air lock and fires a single shot into the control panel; this closes the door and prevents the aliens from pursuing him further. As they escape the station in the Alpha I, they are pursued by Alien fighter craft, but open up a time portal and escape. Meanwhile, back on Station Omega, an Alien is shown holding a drop of Adam's blood and eyes it strangely. This is a subtle hint as to where Adam's nemesis, Tomegatherion, is cloned from.

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